Summer Program

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Participation in our summer opportunities is optional but strongly encouraged. You do not need to sign up to participate. These activities will help prepare you for the season and not only help your skills but will help your team!

Fundraising - We need your help in raising money for our program. Click Here.

Open Weight Room- Improve your speed and strength! This schedule will be posted soon. Your time spent in the weight room is an excellent investment.

Open Field- We run training exercises and spend time on playing the game we love.

  • We will start our Open Field June 8th at Hidden Valley High School and we will continue Tuesday/ Thursdays 6-8pm

Moratorium Week- July 22nd to July 29th - no soccer activities

State of Jefferson Soccer Tournament- 6v6 tournament open to incoming 8th-graders through 12th graders

  • Our largest fundraiser, we hope that everyone plays in the tournament as well has helps for prep/ take down.

  • Located at Dutch Bros Soccer Complex

  • Small fee to participate- usually around $25

  • Click here for the flyer

Bend Premier Cup- August 6th-8th

  • 18 players will be invited to attend this fun tournament in Bend Oregon selection determined by coaching staff

  • Will be a fee to attend this tournament- Around $65

Official Start of Practice- August 16th. (Required attendance after August 16th)

  • You must have a valid physical and have signed up for soccer to begin on August 16th.

  • We will hold at minimum 1 day of tryouts to determine Varsity/ JV Squads.

  • Some players may be selected as Swing players which means they would have the opportunity at times to train or dress down with Varsity