We need financial support to effectively run our program. Funds that are raised are used for the following purpose:

  • Equipment- cones, soccer balls, gear bags, training vests, flags, nets, etc.

  • New Kits- jersey, shorts (home and away), backpacks, warmups. (players pay for socks and keep them)

  • Offset of costs such as attending a tournament or other travel expenses.

  • Stipends for Assistant Coaches and JV coaches. Our coaches spend so much time and energy with our athletes and we hope to give them at least some compensation.

Here are four of our Fundraisers:

1. Banners- Work on finding sponsors during the summer. Find the file below for information. These banners will be posted at our State of Jefferson Tournament and our field.

Letter for Banner Sponsorship

2. State of Jefferson Soccer Tournament- Click Here

3. Donations- they can be submitted online below, feel free to share the link to potential supporters.

4. Warm-up Shirts- Sponsors on warm up shirts with names on the back. Different sizes depending on level of sponsorship example below: